Long Range GPS Two Way Radio

Long Range Two Way Radios/ Walkie Talkie's

Speaking from Bloemfontein to Cape Town using Two Way radio's anywhere in the country where you have Cell Phone Coverage.

PoC Radio(Press-to-talk Over Cellular)Full GPS Tracking using a real time Google map on a PC or from a smartphone app. These Radio's is taking the Security industry by Storm. We are the Leaders for this Comprehensive solution and will gladly give you a full Demonstration to the Broad Range Capability of this Compact User Friendly System.

SFE SE800D Multi Mode Radio

Introducing Repeater Mode

It can link your GSM dispatch and analog or digital VHF or UHF radio's with each other. It can serve as an actual repeater linking GSM POC PTT infrastructure with existing Two Way radio's.

SE800D multi-mode radio integrates PoC(press-to-talk over cellular LTE/WCDMA/GSM), DMR and analog to provide public network, private network and mixed networks utilizing broad band and narrow bandwidth convergence technologies.

The PoC network is based on GSM 2G, WCDMA 3G, and LTE 4G network standards, which realize cluster communication in a wide area without distance limitation and ensure instant communication.

It has multiple call modes such as group call, single call and good friends call, which can easily cope with various communication scenarios.