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Part of the reason we guarantee our workmanship is because we only provide top of the range products and nowhere is this more important than in the installation of a mobile antenna from WEBB.

When using a two way radio the type of antenna used is the single most determining factor for successful and efficient two way radio communication.


Any professional two way radio installation technician knows that cutting the two way radio antenna after an installation of the equipment to a certain frequency is both for optimal resonance and output power and of course having an antenna resonance mismatch will certainly in time be the cause of a faulty final transistor within the electronics of the said two way radio, not to mention the hassle and extra costs involved to have the two way radio repaired.

A great deal of gratitude goes out to the WEBB team who makes it easier for the field technician to cut the antennas to resonance by providing a cutting chart with each of their products that need to be trimmed

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